Yew Wei Lit

Social Sciences (Comparative Politics and Environmental Studies)

Postdoctoral Fellow


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Dr Yew Wei Lit obtained a PhD in Asian and International Studies from City University of Hong Kong. He received his MSc in Comparative Politics (Asia) from the London School of Economics and his BIT from Multimedia University (Malaysia). Before joining Yale-NUS, Dr Yew was a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Department of Asian and International Studies, City University of Hong Kong. Based disciplinarily in comparative politics and environmental studies, his research focuses specifically on the politics of environmental activism, and more broadly on civil society dynamics in China and Southeast Asia.

Social/Environmental Movements, Environmental Governance, Comparative Politics, Southeast Asian Politics, Contemporary Chinese Politics

“Constraint without coercion: Indirect repression of environmental protest in Malaysia,” Pacific Affairs, 89(3), September 2016, pp.543-565.

“Malaysia’s green movement: Old continuities and new possibilities.” In Sophie Lemiere (ed), Illusions of Democracy: Malaysian Politics and People Volume II. Kuala Lumpur: Strategic Information and Research Development Centre, 2017, pp.243-260 [first author with Azmil Tayeb].

“Disembedding lawful activism in contemporary China: The confrontational politics of a green NGO’s legal mobilization,” China Information, 32(2), 2018, pp.224-243.

“Innovative autocrats? Environmental innovation in public participation in China and Malaysia,” Journal of Environmental Management, 234, 2019, pp.28-35 [first author with Zi Zhu].

“Matrix of free spaces in China: Mobilizing citizens and the law through digital and organizational spaces,” International Journal of Communication, 13, 2019 [forthcoming]

Comparative Social Inquiry
Environment, Development and Mobilisation in Asia