Xing Xia

Social Sciences (Economics)

Assistant Professor


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Assistant Professor Xing Xia is a labour economist who specialises in the economics of education and human capital development. She works on the economics of higher education, particularly the link between labour market forces and higher education. She also works on health and labour economics in developing economies in Southeast Asia. She received a double degree of BA in Economics and BS in Mathematics from Wuhan University in 2010. She completed her PhD in Economics at Columbia University in June 2016 and joined Yale-NUS College shortly after.

Asst Prof Xia is excited about the rise of liberal arts education in Asia and thrilled to be a part of Yale-NUS College.

Asst Prof Xia is an applied microeconomist. Her primary research focuses on labour economics, education of education, health economics, and human capital development.

“Barrier to Entry or Signal of Quality? The Effects of Occupational Licensing on Minority Dental Assistants” Labour Economics, forthcoming

“Do Nonprofits Manipulate Investment Returns?” (with Douglas Almond) Economics Letters, vol 155, pp. 62-66, June 2017

Labour Economics
Urban Economics
Intermediate Microeconomics
Comparative Social Inquiry