Trisha Craig

Social Sciences (Sociology and Political Science)

Senior Lecturer
Vice President (Engagement)


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Trisha Craig is Vice President (Engagement) at Yale-NUS College and responsible for the College’s initiatives and activities in the areas of external engagement, alumni affairs and summer programming. In this role, she focuses on creating opportunities for purposeful engagement and building strategic partnerships with key stakeholders within Singapore, the region and the world at large.

Dr Craig received her BA in Economics from Swarthmore College and her MA and PhD from Yale in Sociology, where she focused on political institution building in European democratic transitions. At Yale-NUS, she teaches European Politics and was formerly the Executive Director of Harvard’s Center for European Studies. She spent part of her career in international development, with advising and consulting roles that took her to Latin America, Africa and Asia. She co-authored The Quality of Life in Rural Asia (Oxford University Press, 2001)  and from that, developed a year-long project on rural infrastructure for the Ministry of Finance in China. Currently she is working on China’s belt and road initiative, and implications for Chinese and European higher education.

Political Institutions
Party Politics

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