Taran Kang

Humanities (History)

Assistant Professor

Email: taran.kang@yale-nus.edu.sg

Assistant Professor Taran Kang received his BA and MA in History from the University of Alberta and his PhD in History from Cornell University. His research has been supported by fellowships from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, the Foreign Language and Area Studies Program, and the Cornell Department of History.

Born in Miami, Florida, Asst Prof Kang grew up on the prairies of western Canada. He spent a year in Berlin conducting research for his dissertation, which explores how an influx of knowledge about India during the Enlightenment shaped European thinkers’ ideas about the meaning, movement, and structure of world history. His recent work focuses on problems pertaining to the conceptualisation and representation of evil.

Asst Prof Kang specialises in modern European intellectual history. His research seeks to bring a global perspective to the history of ideas with an attentiveness to Europe’s position in relation to other parts of the world. He has a particular interest in the formation of modern historical thought and the aesthetics of evil. His work, which has appeared in the Journal of the History of Ideas and the German Studies Review, operates at the intersections of history, philosophy, and literature.

Since joining Yale-NUS, Asst Prof Kang has designed and taught a range of courses, including The Problem of Evil from the Enlightenment to Auschwitz, The History of History, and Nietzsche: An Untimely Thinker and His Times. In the Common Curriculum, he teaches Philosophy and Political Thought. He has also co-taught a course on The History and Philosophy of the Scientific Revolution.