Tan Tai Yong

Humanities (History)


Email: taiyong.tan@yale-nus.edu.sg
Email: tantaiyong@nus.edu.sg

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Professor Tan Tai Yong works on South and Southeast Asian history. A graduate of NUS and Cambridge University, he has been teaching at NUS since 1992. He has researched and written on the Sikh diaspora, civil-military relations, the social and political history of colonial Punjab, the partition of South Asia, and the history of Singapore. Professor Tan’s various roles include: department head, museum chairman, think-tank director, board member, senior university administrator and Nominated Member of Parliament. He was formerly Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in NUS. Married with two children, he enjoys spending time with his family. He keeps a regular gym routine so that he can indulge in his love for food without guilt. He is a fan of kung fu movies.

India and Southeast Asia
History of Singapore
The Cold War and South Asia

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