Sureshkumar Muthukumaran

Humanities (History)

Career Development Postdoctoral Fellow


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Dr Sureshkumar Muthukumaran received his BA in History with First Class Honours at University College London (2008-2011); MSt in Greek and Roman History at the University of Oxford (2011-2012) and his PhD in History at University College London (2012-2016).

Dr Muthukumaran specialises in the history of connectivity in ancient Eurasia, with a particular focus on its biological aspect i.e. the anthropogenic spread of flora, fauna, pests, commensals and microbial pathogenic organisms. He is currently working on transforming his PhD thesis, which explores the spread of tropical Asian crops to the Middle East and the Mediterranean in antiquity, into a book manuscript.

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Review of R. Mairs, The Hellenistic Far East: archaeology, language, and identity in Greek Central Asia. Journal of Hellenic Studies 136 (2016) 1-2.


Literature and Humanities I