Stanislav Presolski

Science (Chemistry)

Assistant Professor


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Assistant Professor Stanislav Presolski has been on the move ever since leaving Bulgaria to attend the United World College of the Adriatic in Italy. After obtaining a BA in Physics and Chemistry from Colby (a small liberal arts college in Maine, USA), a PhD from The Scripps Research Institute in California and post-doctoral training at the Technical University of Eindhoven, the Netherlands he has found in Yale-NUS a place that he calls home. Not only for its tolerant, multicultural and otherwise brilliant community, but also for its ambition to redefine the academic status quo in Singapore and enhance liberal arts education the world over.

Asst Prof Presolski leads a research group of undergraduates, who design, prepare and deploy photo-switchable catalytic molecules.

Scientific Inquiry 2 – Measurements and Data Analysis
Foundations of Science – Molecular Perspectives
Experimental Methods in Physical Sciences
Instrumental Analysis with Laboratory 
Organic Chemistry with Laboratory
Accelerated Organic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry Laboratory