Samar Faruqi

Humanities (Art History)

Part-time Lecturer


Dr Samar Faruqi holds a Doctor of Philosophy from the Department of History of Art, University of Cambridge. Her dissertation, titled British Orientalist Painting in the Victorian Art World, examined the production, display, and sale of Orientalist paintings in relation to the four agents of the mid-to-late Victorian art world: the artist, dealer, press and patron. From 2010 to 2015, she was Director of Research at Meem Gallery, Dubai. During her time at the gallery, she edited and authored books and exhibition catalogues on modern and contemporary West Asian and North African art including monographs on Dia Azzawi and Parviz Tanavoli and Art in Iraq Today (2011).

Dr Faruqi received a Master of Philosophy in History of Art from the University of Cambridge, and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Art History from Goldsmiths, University of London.

Dr Faruqi’s works focus on:

  • Victorian paintings, art institutions, and the illustrated press;
  • British Orientalist and colonial art;
  • British colonial wars; and
  • Modern and contemporary art of West Asia and North Africa.

Painting Egypt in the Age of Empire’ (peer reviewed). The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition: A Chronicle, 1769 – 2018, edited by Sarah Victoria Turner and Mark Hallett. Paul Mellon Centre and Royal Academy of Arts, London, published online, 1 May 2018.

‘Making Light of Art: Mohamed Kanoo’s Fun with Fen Collection.’ Contemporary Practices: Visual Arts from the Middle East 11 (November 2012): 108-115.

‘“Art as a Psychological Outlet”: Expatriation and the Work of Contemporary Iraqi Artists.’ Art in Iraq Today, ed. Samar Faruqi. Milan: Skira and Meem Gallery, 2011: 65-71.

‘Reconfiguring Identity in Modern Iraqi Art: Dia Al-Azzawi, Rafa Al-Nasiri and Ali Talib. Art in Iraq Today: 54-61.

‘Heech.’ Parviz Tanavoli: Big Heech, ed. Samar Faruqi. Exhibition catalogue. 15 – 19 November, Abu Dhabi Art. Dubai: Meem Editions, 2011.

‘Mohamed Melehi,’ ‘Ibrahim Salahi,’ ‘Ali Omar Ermes,’ ‘Nja Mahdaoui,’ ‘Parviz Tanavoli.’ Meem Projects 2012. Part 1: Modern Arab Art. Part 2: Letters in Art. Exhibition catalogue. 7 – 10 November, Abu Dhabi Art. Dubai: Meem Editions, 2012.

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