Paul Turner

Professor and Chair of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Yale University 

PhD, Michigan State University (1995)
MPH, Yale University (1989)
BS, Loyola College (1987))

Professor Paul Turner has worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Maryland, University of Valencia and the NIH. Professor Turner’s current area of interest is the ecology and evolution of infectious diseases. Microbes allow experiments on the order of hundreds (or even thousands) of generations, providing a uniquely powerful way to study evolution in action. The Turner lab uses RNA viruses, DNA viruses, and bacteria as model systems to test evolutionary and ecological theory, especially questions regarding the evolution of genetic exchange (sex), virus ecology and evolution, host-parasite interactions, and the evolution of infectious disease. Professor Turner and his students and post-docs employ many approaches, including population genetics, genomics, molecular biology and mathematical modelling. Professor Turner is Associate Editor for the journal Evolution, Medicine and Public Health, and was recently elected to the Council of the American Genetic Association, publishers of the Journal of Heredity. In addition to his considerable university obligations, Professor Turner instructs K-12 teachers in the Yale National Initiative and Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute, with the goal to develop new curricula in biology, evolutionary biology and evolutionary medicine.