Pareena G Lawrence

Social Sciences (Economics)

Visiting Professor


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Professor Pareena G Lawrence is an academic and a development economist whose most recent research examines “women as policymakers in grassroots development.” Her current research asks the question, “Can gender-based public policy be effective in patriarchal societies?” She is also engaged in several strategic administrative projects. Prof Lawrence serves as a Senior Fellow at Yale University in the Office of International Affairs. Previously, she served as the President of Hollins University in Virginia and the Provost and Dean of the College at Augustana College in Illinois.

Prof Lawrence received her Master of Arts in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics, and a Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Economics from Purdue University. She started her academic career at the University of Minnesota Morris, a public liberal arts college which is part of the University of Minnesota system. Prof Lawrence’s accomplishment as a teacher, mentor, scholar, and academic leader has prompted the conferral of a number of awards throughout her career, including Purdue University Krannert School’s John S. Day Distinguished Alumni Academic Service Award, the All-University Morse Teaching Award, Morris Alumni Teaching Award, and the César Chavez Award, among others.

Prof Lawrence’s research explores the intersections of gender, families, the economy and politics, particularly issues of household decision-making, dowry, development policy and political participation. More recently, her research work has also included topics in higher education such as diversity and inclusion, international education, student success, the relevance of the liberal arts, and the role of higher education in achieving social and class mobility. Her current research focuses on the empowerment of women through reservation in political participation in North India. Previously, her research has included the impact of agricultural technologies on farm households in Sub-Saharan Africa, the role of dowry in the marriage market, household decision-making, functioning and accountability of non-governmental organisations, and micro level impact of local government policy on street vending.


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YSS3204 Development Economics
YSS3316 Gender and International Development