Parashar Kulkarni

Social Sciences (Political Science)

Assistant Professor


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Assistant Professor Parashar Kulkarni works at the intersection of culture and politics. His research interests include religion and politics in colonial and contemporary India and discourses on utopias. He received the British Academy Brian Barry Prize for his work on religion, property rights and violence against women in colonial India (published in BJPS). He also received the Commonwealth Short Story Prize for his historical fiction set in colonial India (published in Granta). His latest text (fiction), Cow and Company, about the decline and fall of the British Chewing Gum Company, examines the interaction between mercantile capitalism and religion under colonialism (published by Penguin Random House). 

Asst Prof Kulkarni works in Comparative Politics. His research examines the relationship between religion and politics in colonial and contemporary India. He is interested in how religious reform movements and Guru-led movements influence and are influenced by economic, political and social change.

2019. “Cow and Company.” New Delhi: Penguin Random House.
2019. “A Shock of Bhakti: The Devotional Songs of Ram Rahim.” Ed. Gitanjali Kolanad. Seminar 716: 53-57.
2017.“Can Religious Norms Undermine Effective Property Rights: Evidence from Inheritance Rights of Widows in Colonial India.” British Journal of Political Science 47(3): 479-499.
2016. “Cow and Company.” Granta. Fiction. May. London: Granta.

Asst Prof Parashar Kulkarni teaches courses at the intersection of religion and politics. He tries to integrate creative and self-reflexive practices such as fiction, performance, and meditation, in his pedagogy. His courses have included:
The Guru in Hinduism
Religion and Politics in South Asia
Contemporary Political Comedy
Comparative Politics
Culture and Violence