Parashar Kulkarni

Social Sciences (Political Science)

Assistant Professor


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Assistant Professor Parashar Kulkarni is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Yale-NUS College. He received his PhD from the Department of Politics at New York University. He works in political economy and comparative politics.

Asst Prof Kulkarni has taught as an Adjunct Instructor in the graduate programme (MA) at NYU for three years and has conducted research assignments for United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD), Oxfam GB, and other international organisations. He has been a yoga practitioner for a few years and also likes dabbling in film and fiction.

Asst Prof Kulkarni works in political economy and comparative politics. He is interested in examining how culture – beliefs, norms, and social institutions like family or religion – influences and is influenced by political and economic development. His research is guided by an overriding interest in inequality and human rights. His ongoing research examines how historical variation in property rights affected gender outcomes in South Asia.


Are There Cultural Prerequisites to Effective Property Rights? Evidence from Inheritance Rights of Widows in Colonial India (forthcoming BJPS)

Culture and Violence
Comparative Politics