Nienke Boer

Humanities (Literature)

Assistant Professor


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Dr Nienke Boer received her BA degree from Princeton University (Comparative Literature and African Studies), and her MA and PhD degrees from New York University (Comparative Literature). Her work focuses on transnational literature in the Indian Ocean world, and her dissertation looked specifically at writings by and about travellers between South Asia and South Africa.

Dr Boer was born in South Africa and grew up in Namibia, Swaziland (where she attended the United World College of Southern Africa, Waterford Kamhlaba) and Uganda. She has also lived in Berlin and New Delhi. Dr Boer is excited to add Singapore to the list, and looks forward to enriching her project with Singaporean authors and archives.

African Literatures
South Asian Literatures
Indian Ocean Studies
Law and Literature
Transnational and Diaspora Studies
Film and Animation

“Exploring British India: South African prisoners-of-war as imperial travel writers, 1899-1902.” Journal of Commonwealth Literature (forthcoming).

“Settlers and Laborers: The Afterlife of Indenture in Early South African Indian Writing.” Research in African Literatures 47.4 (2016): 21-35.

“Taking a Joke Seriously: Mickey Mouse and William Kentridge.” MLN (Comparative Literature Issue) 128.5 (2013): 1146-1169.

Oceanic Frameworks: Shifting Currents in Lit. Studies
Equiano’s Slave Narrative: Text and Contexts
The Afropolitans: Contemporary African Literature and Film
Literature and Humanities I