Mira Debs

Social Sciences (Sociology)

Visiting Lecturer
Executive Director of Education Studies, Yale University
Lecturer in Sociology, Yale University

Email: mira.debs@yale-nus.edu.sg
Email: mira.debs@yale.edu
Website: miradebs.com

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Mira Debs is a visiting lecturer at Yale-NUS College in Global Affairs for Spring 2020. She directs Yale’s Education Studies Program and serves as a lecturer in the Department of Sociology. Dr Debs graduated from the University of Chicago, received a Rhodes Scholarship to complete an MPhil in European Politics and teacher training from Oxford University and a PhD in Sociology from Yale.

Dr Debs studies education policy including school choice, school integration and progressive public schools. Research from her book, Diverse Parents, Desirable Schools: Public Montessori in an Era of School Choice (Harvard Education Press, 2019) has been featured in The New York Times, Washington Post, Education Week and Christian Science Monitor. Other research examines how groups form collective identity through objects, history and their children’s schooling including studies on Italian art, India’s independence struggle and the post-civil rights memory in the American South. Her work has been published in the American Education Research Journal, The New York Times, Cultural Sociology, Nations and Nationalism and Journal of Montessori Research.

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