Michael T Gastner

Science (Mathematical and Computational Science)

Assistant Professor

Email: Michael.gastner@yale-nus.edu.sg

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Dr Michael Gastner received his PhD in physics from the University of Michigan. He was postdoctoral fellow at the Santa Fe Institute, a multi-disciplinary research centre devoted to the study of complex systems, and the Computer Science Department of the University of New Mexico. Moving back to his native Europe, he first worked in Germany at the University of Oldenburg’s Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment, supported by a fellowship of the Volkswagen Foundation. Afterwards, he became Junior Research Fellow in the Mathematics Department of Imperial College London before holding a lectureship in Engineering Mathematics at the University of Bristol. Prior to joining Yale-NUS College, Dr Gastner spent two years as a Marie Curie Fellow at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest.

Dr Gastner is interested in the mathematical modelling and analysis of complex systems. His interdisciplinary research includes work on social, biological and technological networks, as well as economic geography and cartography. In parallel, he maintains an active research agenda in statistical physics, especially percolation theory.

Michael T. Gastner and Cesar Ducruet
The distribution function of vessel calls and port connectivity in the global cargo ship network
to appear in C. Ducruet (ed.): Maritime networks: Spatial structures and time dynamics (Routledge, London).

Michael T. Gastner
The complex network of cargo shipping and its importance in marine bioinvasion
to appear in Topologica, vol. 3.

Michael T. Gastner
The Ising chain constrained to an even or odd number of positive spins
Journal of Statistical Mechanics, P03004 (2015).

Michael T. Gastner and Cesar Ducruet
How heavy-tailed is the distribution of global cargo ship traffic?
to appear in the Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on
Complex Networks and their Applications.

Michael T. Gastner, Nikolitsa Markou, Gunnar Pruessner, Moez Draief
Opinion formation models on a gradient
PLoS ONE, vol. 9, e114088 (2014).

Vsevolod Salnikov, Daniel Schien, Hyejin Youn, Renaud Lambiotte and Michael T. Gastner
The geography and carbon footprint of mobile phone use in Cote d’Ivoire
EPJ Data Science, vol. 3, p. 3 (2014).

Hanno Seebens, Michael T. Gastner and Bernd Blasius
The risk of marine bioinvasion caused by global shipping
Ecology Letters, vol. 16, pp. 782-790 (2013).

Michael T. Gastner and Beata Oborny
The geometry of percolation fronts in two-dimensional lattices with spatially varying densities
New Journal of Physics, vol. 14, p. 103019 (2012).

Michael T. Gastner
Scaling and entropy in p-median facility location along a line
Physical Review E, vol. 84, p. 036112 (2011).

Michael T. Gastner, Beata Oborny, Alexey B. Ryabov and Bernd Blasius
Changes in the gradient percolation transition caused by an Allee effect
Physical Review Letters, vol. 106, p. 128103 (2011).

Pablo Kaluza, Andrea Kolzsch, Michael T. Gastner and Bernd Blasius
The complex network of global cargo ship movements
Journal of the Royal Society Interface, vol. 7, pp. 1093-1103 (2010).

Michael T. Gastner
Traffic flow in a spatial network model
in A. A. Minai, D. Braha and Y. Bar-Yam (eds.): Unifying Themes in Complex Systems, vol. 6: Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Complex Systems, Springer, Berlin (2010).

Michael T. Gastner, Beata Oborny, D. K. Zimmermann and Gunnar Pruessner
Transition from connected to fragmented vegetation across an environmental gradient: scaling laws in ecotone geometry
The American Naturalist, vol. 174, pp. E23-E39 (2009).

Hyejin Youn, Michael T. Gastner and Hawoong Jeong
Inefficiency in networks with multiple sources and sinks
in Jie Zhou (ed.): Complex Sciences, vol. 4, part 1. Springer, Berlin (2009).

Hyejin Youn, Michael T. Gastner and Hawoong Jeong
The price of anarchy in transportation networks: efficiency and optimality control
Physical Review Letters, vol. 101, p. 128701 (2008).

Michael T. Gastner
Shape and efficiency in growing spatial distribution networks
Proceedings of the Second European Conference on Complex Systems (2006).

Michael T. Gastner and M. E. J. Newman
Optimal design of spatial distribution networks
Physical Review E, vol. 74, p. 016117 (2006).

Michael T. Gastner and M. E. J. Newman
Shape and efficiency in spatial distribution networks
Journal of Statistical Mechanics, P01015 (2006).

Michael T. Gastner and M. E. J. Newman
The spatial structure of networks
European Physical Journal B, vol. 49, pp. 247-252 (2006).

Michael T. Gastner
Spatial distributions: density-equalizing map projections, facility location, and two-dimensional networks
Ph.D. thesis, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (2005).

Michael T. Gastner and M. E. J. Newman
Density-equalizing map projections: Diffusion-based algorithm and applications
Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on GeoComputation (2005).

M. T. Gastner, C. R. Shalizi and M. E. J. Newman
Maps and cartograms of the 2004 US presidential election results
Advances in Complex Systems, vol. 8, pp. 117-123 (2005).

Michael T. Gastner and M. E. J. Newman
Diffusion-based method for producing density-equalizing maps
Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA, vol. 101, pp. 7499-7504 (2004).

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