Markus Pauli

Social Sciences (Political Science)



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Dr Markus Pauli is a Lecturer in Global Affairs. His current research focuses on microfinance and the governance of global food value chains.

Dr Pauli was previously, Lecturer in Political Science at the South Asia Institute, Heidelberg University in Germany. He studied at the Free University, Berlin and the London School of Economics (LSE), specialising in Political Economy and International Relations. His doctoral thesis explores the perception and impact of microfinance in India and was funded by the Cluster of Excellence, ‘Asia and Europe in a Global Context’ at Heidelberg University. Prior to this, Dr Pauli worked in the German development sector, at InWEnt – Capacity Building International, which merged into the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ).

Sustainable Development – Financial Inclusion and Microfinance
International Political Economy – Governance of Global Food Value Chains
International Relations – Human Security and Economic Relations of India
Politics – Democracy, Citizenship, Socio-Economic Development in India

Collaborative Governance for the Sustainable Development Goals (2018) (co-authored with Ann Florini.) Asia and the Pacific Policy Studies.

Citizenship and the Hybrid State in India (2018, forthcoming) (co-authored with Subrata K. Mitra & Jivanta Schöttli), in: Abu-Er-Rub, Brosius, Meurer, Panagiotopoulos & Richter Engaging Transculturality: Concepts, Key Terms, Case Studies, Routledge.

The Market for 33 Percent Interest Loans. Financial Inclusion and Microfinance in India. (2018, forthcoming), India Review, Routledge.

Modi-nomics and the Politics of Institutional Change in the Indian Economy, (2016) (co-authored with Jivanta Schöttli), Journal of Asian Public Policy, Volume 9, Issue 2, Taylor & Francis.

Politics in South Asia: Culture, Rationality and Conceptual Flow (2015) (co-edited with Wolf, S.O., Schöttli, J., Frommherz, D., Fürstenberg, K., Gallenkamp, M., König, L.), Springer.

India as a Global Security Actor (2014) (co-authored with Jivanta Schöttli). In: Kaldor, Mary and Iavor Rangelov (eds.) The Handbook of Global Security Policy, London: Wiley-Blackwell.

Politics and the Room to Manoeuvre: Democracy, Social Opportunity and Poverty in India (2013) (co-authored with Subrata K. Mitra & Jivanta Schöttli). In: Dulal, Hari (ed.) Poverty Reduction in a Changing Climate, Lexington Books.


Methods in the Social Sciences
International Political Economy
International Relations
Micro-Finance and Sustainable Development in Asia