Lau Ting Hui

Social Sciences (Sociocultural Anthropology)

Assistant Professor


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Assistant Professor Lau Ting Hui received her Bachelor of Arts in Land Economy from the University of Cambridge and completed her Doctor of Philosophy in Sociocultural Anthropology at Cornell University. She works with indigenous Lisu subsistence farmers on the China-Myanmar border in the highlands of mainland Southeast Asia. Her current research focuses on affliction, development, and indigenous well-being. Her continuing research agenda includes more-than-human anthropology, Asian colonialisms, and transnational indigenous social movements in Southeast Asia.

Psychological anthropology
Medical anthropology
Well-being and dignity
Borderland ethnographies
China and Southeast Asia

Asst Prof Lau’s book in progress, Wounds of Progress: Colonial Development and the Politics of Affliction on the China-Myanmar Border, examines the rise of afflictions such as haunting and alcohol madness among the Lisu, a transnational indigenous community, in the context of Chinese state expansion. Combining medical, psychological, and environmental anthropology with decolonial feminist theories, Asst Prof Lau’s work seeks to rethink political normative assumptions, who economic development is for, and how to achieve well-being.

YSC3253 Anthropology of Development
YSS4261 Psychological Anthropology