Jessica Hanser

Humanities (History)

Associate Professor

Contact No.: +65 6601 3363

Assoc Prof Jessica Hanser received her BA from the University of Chicago in Anthropology in 2003, an MPhil in Early Modern History from the University of Cambridge in 2004 and a PhD in History from Yale University in May 2012.

Hailing from sunny south Florida, Assoc Prof Hanser has trotted the globe, calling Hong Kong, Italy, Israel, England and Taiwan home. Assoc Prof Hanser feels most exhilarated when learning about and from cultures and societies new to her.

As a historian of Sino-British relations, Assoc Prof Hanser feels that there are few better places to work than Singapore. Some of Assoc Prof Hanser’s most challenging and formative academic experiences took place while studying the great books in the core curriculum at the University of Chicago, where her teachers brought her into the great conversation. Assoc Prof Hanser hopes to continue this conversation with her students at Yale-NUS College.

As a scholar, Assoc Prof Hanser is interested in the following research areas.

  1. British History
  2. Chinese History
  3. European History
  4. British Empire
  5. Economic History

Mr Smith Goes to China

(Book manuscript in progress)

“Global Finance and British Aggression on the South China Coast”

(Article in progress)

Hanser, J. (2012). Teatime in the North Country: Consumption of Chinese Exports in Northeast England. Northern History, 49 (1), 51 -74.

“The Sweet Sound of Garbage in Taiwan.” US-China Review, Vol XXV, No. 2 (Spring 2011)



History of the British Empire

Readings in Economic History: The Great Divergence

Drug Empires

History of Orientalism

China and the West

Slavery in World History

Comparative Social Inquiry