Jane M Jacobs

Social Sciences (Urban Studies)

Head of Studies, Urban Studies

Contact No.: +65 6601-2820
Email: jane.jacobs@yale-nus.edu.sg
Website: architecturesingapore.wordpress.com
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Professor Jane M Jacobs’ research is in the field of urban studies, with a particular interest in cultural aspects of the production and consumption of the built environment. She has written on the cultural politics of heritage, critical colonial and postcolonial urbanisms, and the relationship between society and architecture.

She completed her Bachelor of Arts (Hons) and Masters’ training in Human Geography at the University of Adelaide, Australia. She then went on to complete a PhD with the University of London (University College London). Prior to joining Yale-NUS College, Prof Jacobs held positions at the University College London, The University of Melbourne and University of Edinburgh. She is a Corresponding Fellow of the British Academy and has been a recipient of funding from the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission, the Australian Research Council, and the Arts and Humanities Research Council, UK. She has served on the editorial board of various journals including Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, Scottish Geographical Journal, Cultural Studies Review, Social and Cultural Geographies, Transactions IBG (NS), Gender, Place and Culture, Annals of the Association of American Geographers and Antipode. She was a founding member of the Melbourne’s Institute of Postcolonial Studies, and served as its Director 2000-2001.

She is an occasional contributor to her co-authored blog on architecture in Singapore, for which student contributions are welcome: http://architecturesingapore.wordpress.com.

Prof Jacobs manages the pleasant confusion of sharing her name with the influential, but now deceased, urbanist Jane Jacobs, who authored the book Death and Life of Great American Cities. Because of this, she has become an expert in professional disambiguation.

Prof Jacobs’ research is in the field of urban studies. Topically, her research focus is on cultural aspects of the production and consumption of urban built environments. This includes research on the politics of heritage, critical colonial and postcolonial urbanisms, the production and consumption of high-rise living, and professional cultures of city building (including architecture, planning and engineering). She works with a commitment to comparative and postcolonial frameworks, and with a qualitative and interpretative toolkit. Her urban studies publications include Edge of Empire: Postcolonialism and the City (1996), Cities of Difference (1998), and Buildings Must Die: A Perverse View of Architecture (2014). She has also published many peer review papers in journals and edited collections.

Prof Jacobs’ early career research was on indigenous rights and cultural property in Australia, which is how she became interested in the politics of urban heritage. She played a key role in the first national survey of tourist impact on Australia Aboriginal rock art sites, reported upon in Tourism and the Protection of Aboriginal Cultural Sites (1994). She also co-authored a book on indigenous claims entitled Uncanny Australia (1998). She was a founding member of the Melbourne’s Institute of Postcolonial Studies, and served as its Director 2000-2001.

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Selected Publications only


Books and Edited Collections

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