Ila Tyagi

Humanities (Film and Media Studies, Literary Studies, Academic Writing)

Writing Lecturer


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Ila Tyagi received her Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Brown University in 2009. She worked as a public relations executive after college, handling accounts in the renewable energy sector. Ila completed a Master’s degree in American Studies at Columbia University in 2013, writing a thesis on the sense of taste via scenes of women eating food in film. Her interests in sensory perception, cinema, and energy culminated in a doctoral dissertation, “Extending the Eye: The American Oil Industry in Moving Images,” examining technologies used within the oil industry to enhance the human sense of sight. Upon finishing her joint PhD in Film Studies and American Studies at Yale University in 2018, she arrived in Singapore for the first time, drawn to the way the country combines her favourite aspects of the two she grew up in, India and Kuwait. Her experience as a writing advisor includes serving as a Writing Fellow for three years at Brown, and as a Writing Consultant for three years at Yale.

Embodiment and sensory perception, environmental humanities, science and technology, twentieth and twenty-first century Anglo-American literature and visual media

“Inscribing Interiority and Ideology: Representing the Visually Elusive in the American Petroleum Institute’s Cold War Films,” in “Oil and Media, Oil as Media” special issue of MediaTropes, eds. Jordan Kinder and Lucie Stepanik (accepted, pending revisions)

“Spatial Survey: Mapping Oilfield Infrastructures Using Drones,” in “Becoming Environmental” special issue of Synoptique, eds. Patrick Brodie, Lisa Han, and Weixian Pan (accepted, pending revisions)

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“Ogling Offshore Oil: Vision and Knowledge in Midcentury Gulf of Mexico Documentaries,” in Ecocriticism and the Future of Southern Studies, ed. Zackary Vernon (accepted, pending revisions)

“Smartphone Sociology: Aziz Ansari on Intimacy in the Twenty-First Century,” in Taking a Stand: American Stand-Up Comedians as Public Intellectuals, eds. Jared Champion and Peter Kunze (accepted, pending revisions)

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