Heidi Stalla

Humanities (Writing, Literature)

Assistant Professor

Email: heidi.stalla@yale-nus.edu.sg

Assistant Professor Heidi Stalla holds an AB with Honours in Classics from Stanford University and MPhil and DPhil degrees in English Literature from Oxford University. Asst Prof Stalla’s teaching, writing, and research interests include Twentieth Century English Literature, Transnational Modernisms, the Craftsmanship of Virginia Woolf, Creative Nonfiction, and Writing Pedagogy. Prior to joining the faculty at Yale-NUS College, Asst Prof Stalla taught in the Expository Writing Programme at New York University before joining the inaugural faculty at NYU Abu Dhabi where she directed the Writing Programme for its first four years. Asst Prof Stalla is delighted to bring this experience to Yale-NUS. Asst Prof Stalla is also a Residential Fellow in Elm College.

Asst Prof Stalla explores the way that writers challenge the boundaries of fiction and nonfiction in their work. Asst Prof Stalla is particularly interested in the work of Virginia Woolf and has written about the degree to which Woolf’s craft was not only informed by a lifelong interest in historical genres, but also alludes to the appropriation of material and literary culture from Greece, India, and Egypt as a form of sociopolitical critique. Asst Prof Stalla is currently working on an essay collection that is related to this work.  The book, which itself is an experiment in form, draws on writing by early twentieth century writers and travellers in order to compare and contrast evolving symbolic expressions of national identity in today’s former territories of the British Empire—often against a backdrop of cosmopolitan rhetoric coming from the west.


Literature and Humanities II
Introduction to Creative Nonfiction
Advanced Creative Nonfiction
Travel Writing
The Craft of Virginia Woolf