Francesca Spagnuolo

Science (Mathematics)



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Dr Francesca Spagnuolo joined Yale-NUS College in 2018. She pursued her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics in her hometown, Naples, Italy, at the Università Federico II. Then she moved to Spain to complete her PhD at the Universitat de València on locally finite groups and groups of infinite rank with conditions on subgroups of finite rank.

Group Theory particularly on infinite groups, braid groups, permutable groups and locally finite groups.
Connection between group theory and cryptography.

Ballester-Bolinches, A., Camp-Mora, S., Dixon, M.R., Ialenti, R., Spagnuolo, F. (2017) . On locally finite groups whose subgroups of infinite rank have some permutable property. Annali di Matematica 196, 1855–1862. doi:

Ballester-Bolinches, A., Heineken, H., & Spagnuolo, F. (2017). On Sylow permutable subgroups of finite groups, Forum Mathematicum, 29(6), 1307-1310. doi:

Ballester-Bolinches, A., Camp-Mora, S., Kurdachenko, L. A., & Spagnuolo, F. (2016). On groups whose subgroups of infinite rank are Sylow permutable. Annali di Matematica Pura ed Applicata (1923-), 195(3), 717-723. doi:

Ballester-Bolinches, A., Camp-Mora, S. & Spagnuolo, F. (2015) On 𝑝-nilpotency of hyperfinite groups. Monatsh Math 176, 497–502.

Gonzalez-Sanchez, J., & Spagnuolo, F. (2015). A bound on the p-length of P-solvable groups. Glasgow Mathematical Journal, 57(1), 167-171. doi:

Introduction to Modern Algebra
Introduction to Real Analysis
Multivariable Calculus
Geometry and the Emergence of Perspective
Proof (AY2019/2020)
Discrete Mathematics (AY2018/2019)
SI2 (AY2018/2019)
Foundations of Applied Mathematics (AY2017/2018)
Conceptual Calculus (AY2017/2018)