Eugene Choo

Social Sciences (Economics)

Associate Professor
Head of Studies, Economics


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Associate Professor Eugene Choo is a Malaysian who grew up in Kuching, Sarawak. He received his Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) from University of Melbourne in 1994 and his PhD in Economics from Yale University in 2001. Before joining Yale-NUS, he held faculty positions at the University of Toronto and University of Calgary.

Assoc Prof Choo’s research focus on the economics of the family. He is primarily interested in characterising the formation of marriages and the division of surplus between spouses within marriages. His earlier research has focused on developing models of marriage that empirically identify the role of marital gains or preferences, and the effects of the relative scarcity of single men and women on the distribution of aggregate marriages. His latest working paper looks at the identification of counterfactual marriage distribution from unidentified models.

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