Erik Harms

Social Sciences (Anthropology)

Associate Professor


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Associate Professor Erik Harms is a social-cultural anthropologist specialising in Southeast Asia and Vietnam. His ethnographic research in Vietnam has focused on the social and cultural effects of rapid urbanisation on the fringes of Saigon, today’s Ho Chi Minh City. His first book, Saigon’s Edge: On the Margins of Ho Chi Minh City (University of Minnesota Press, 2011), develops the concept of “social edginess” and explores how the production of symbolic and material space intersects with Vietnamese concepts of social space, rural-urban relations, and notions of “inside” and “outside”. His second book, Luxury and Rubble: Civility and Dispossession in the New Saigon (University of California Press, 2016) is a study of luxury housing and mass eviction in Ho Chi Minh City. As a whole, Assoc Prof Harms’ ethnographic research has worked to show how the study of social space can reveal unspoken relationships of power and ideology in post reform-era Vietnamese cities.

While grounded ethnographically in Vietnam, his research and teaching seeks at all turns to connect with larger world-historic processes, unraveling the interaction between culture and politics, and the ways in which everyday acts are informed by larger political agendas. Assoc Prof Harms offers a rotating mix of courses on Southeast Asian area studies, postwar Vietnam, urban anthropology, as well as theories of space, time, and social action.

From 2018—2020, Assoc Prof Harms is serving as the President of the Association for Political and Legal Anthropology.

Urban Anthropology
Southeast Asia
Ho Chi Minh City

Luxury and Rubble: Civility and Dispossession in the New Saigon. University of California Press

Figures of Southeast Asian Modernity. co-edited with Joshua Barker and Johan Lindquist. Honolulu: University of Hawai’i Press, 2013

Saigon’s Edge: On the Margins of Ho Chi Minh City. University of Minnesota Press, 2011

Select Articles
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Ethnographies of Urban Asia
Modern Southeast Asia