Eduardo Lage-Otero

Humanities (Spanish)

Senior Lecturer
Deputy Director of Language Studies

Contact No.: +65 6601-3265

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Dr Eduardo Lage-Otero received his BA in English Language & Literatures from the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain and his MA in Spanish Language & Literature at Washington University in St Louis, USA. He completed his PhD at New York University’s Program in Educational Communication and Technology where he researched how language learners process different types of multimedia annotations while reading authentic texts in another language and how this impact comprehension and the writing process in that language. He has taught language and culture courses and ran Language Centers at Washington University in Saint Louis and Trinity College (Hartford, USA).

His research interests are in the fields of second language acquisition, technology-enhanced language learning, and cognitive science. He has focused on the mediating role that educational technology plays in how learners access and process information as they build their knowledge base in a foreign or second language. His doctoral research included the interaction of multimedia annotations with learners’ individual differences (e.g. in spatial ability) and their effect on reading and writing in another language. He has also conducted action research in a US Middle School context on the use of educational video games to improve students’ understanding of various social issues (e.g., drug use, gangs, poverty) affecting urban youth in the USA. As Language Centre director, he has led or coordinated numerous workshops on the integration of technology in the language classroom and is currently interested in motivation and retention issues in the language classroom.


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An intensive introductory language sequence emphasizing oral practice, consolidation of basic grammar skills, composition skills, and reading comprehension. The course uses a communicative approach with selective use of technology tools (eBook: Tu Mundo via Connect Platform and Canvas LMS)

This course focuses on a representative selection of texts and films from various regions of the Iberian Peninsula. The course addresses questions such as, what is Spain? Why is its unity in question? Students analyze and contextualize the readings via in-class discussions and presentations.

This advanced course focuses on a representative selection of texts and films from Latin America to address questions related to the countries colonial past, their relationship with the United States, and their similarities and differences across the region.