Christopher Bridges

Social Sciences (Education)

Senior Lecturer
Dean of Students


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Dr Christopher Bridges fell in love with the transformative power of higher education and its ability to impact individual lives and greater communities when he entered college as a first generation student. He earned his undergraduate degree in Sociology and Theatre in the Western Program at Miami University, a College with a built-in residential component, small cohort, common curriculum and liberal arts approach. This helped him feel very at home at Yale-NUS College.

Dr Bridges went on to complete his education by earning an MS in College Student Personnel Administration at Miami University and a PhD Higher Education Leadership and Administration at Ohio University. His dissertation, ‘Privileged Students: White Men as Social Justice Allies’, is a reflection of his commitment to social justice work and interest in the use of grounded theory in qualitative research.

Dr Bridges most recently served as Vice President for Student Affairs at Mansfield University, a member school of COPLAC (Council Of Public Liberal Arts Colleges) in Pennsylvania before joining Yale-NUS College in 2016. While Dr Bridges has been focused on the field of Student Affairs and learning opportunities outside of the classroom throughout his career, he has also enjoyed teaching and the opportunity to connect with and educate students in the classroom.

Dr Bridges’ research has focused on the roles of allies in social justice work, specifically white males in the States. He is expanding this approach to examine ally experiences in different positions of privilege and power. He is also particularly interested in the intersection of liberal arts education and the core work of student affairs.

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