Catherine Sanger

Social Sciences (Global Affairs)

Deputy Director, Centre for Teaching & Learning



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Dr Catherine (Kate) Sanger is Lecturer at Yale-NUS College, teaching courses in both the Global Affairs and the Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) majors. Her teaching interests span international relations theory, international security and law, American politics, and the politics of technological-territorial discovery. Most recently, she taught ‘American Politics and the 2016 Presidential Election’, ‘Global Affairs Senior Capstone Course’, and ‘Conquest, Territorial Expansion, and the Foundations of International Law’.

Dr Sanger also serves as Deputy Director of the Centre for Teaching & Learning at Yale-NUS College. In this exciting role, she works with both students and faculty to facilitate transformative student learning and powerful faculty teaching. Dr Sanger is particularly involved in learning accommodations, peer tutoring, syllabus design, and pedagogy development for junior faculty. She is especially interested in supporting faculty to develop teaching strategies for a diverse educational community.

From 2014-2017, Dr Sanger served as the inaugural Vice Rector of Cendana Residential College, one of three Residential Colleges at Yale-NUS.

Dr Sanger holds a PhD in International Affairs from the University of Virginia and pursued undergraduate study at Wellesley College and the London School of Economics and Political Science. She is a San Franciscan native, enthusiastic traveller, and now resides happily in Singapore with her husband Brandon Yoder, dog Jasper, and cat Persy.

International Relations Research:
— International Security, Cooperation, and Conflict
— International Law, Organisations, and Regimes
— The Politics of Technological-Territorial Discovery

Teaching and Learning Research:
— Harnessing Diverse Classrooms for Transformative Learning
— The Relationship between Pedagogy, Motivation, and Learning
— Methods of Controlling for Prior Knowledge When Assessing Student Learning
— Integrating Equity and Justice in Higher Education Policy

American Politics and the 2016 Presidential Election
Global Affairs Senior Capstone Course
Conquest, Territorial Expansion, and the Foundations of International Law