Benjamin A Schupmann

Social Sciences (Political Science)

Assistant Professor


Assistant Professor Benjamin A Schupmann received his PhD in Political Science from Columbia University in 2015. His research interests are liberalism, democracy, militant democracy, constitutionalism, freedom, and populism and political extremism. He is particularly interested in how the history of political and legal thought can illuminate today’s pressing political problems​.

Liberalism, Democracy, Populism, Political Extremism, Militant Democracy, Constrained Democracy, Constitutionalism, State Theory, Liberty, “Thoughtlessness”, History of Political Thought – in particular 20th and 21st century German political and legal thought, including Max Weber, Carl Schmitt, Hans Kelsen, Hannah Arendt, and Juergen Habermas.

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“Constraining Political Extremism and Legal Revolution”. Philosophy and Social Criticism. 2020, Vol. 46(3), 249-273.

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Political Concepts
Markets, Morality, and Politics
Modern Western Political Thought
The Welfare State
Continental Political Theory