Ben Andrew Olsen

Science (Physics)

Assistant Professor


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Dr Ben Andrew Olsen earned a BSc degree in physics at the California Institute of Technology in 2006, and a PhD in physics at Princeton University in 2011. He then studied phase separation in mixed-dimensional Fermi gases in the ultracold atoms group at Rice University in the Department of Physics & Astronomy and Rice Quantum Institute. After spending a year in the industry developing atom-interferometry based inertial sensors, he joined the ultracold atoms group at the University of Toronto to study out-of-equilibrium dynamics of Fermi gases. He joined the Yale-NUS faculty in the fall of 2018.

At Yale-NUS College, Dr Olsen will build a lab to engineer exotic quantum phases using gases of ultracold atomic lithium and to study their dynamical behaviour. Using electromagnetic fields, a beam of hot lithium atoms can be trapped and cooled to less than a millionth of a degree above absolute zero, and the gas will begin to be governed by quantum mechanics. Using lasers to engineer the trap shape and magnetic fields to tune the inter-particle interactions, the cloud of neutral lithium atoms can emulate the electrons in various exotic conducting materials.

This research will study the properties of many-body correlated phases both in and out of equilibrium to help pave the way toward advanced quantum technologies including quantum information and advanced sensing.

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