Andrew Bettiol

Science (Physics)

Associate Professor


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Associate Professor Andrew Bettiol obtained his PhD at the University of Melbourne, Australia in 1999 working on ion beam-induced luminescence generated by mega-electron volt ion beams. He joined the National University of Singapore in November 1999 as an NSTB fellow working on developing a proton beam-writing lithography system. In 2007, he was appointed as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics and the Engineering Science programme where he taught multidisciplinary design projects and photonics/optics to engineering science students. In 2014 he was given tenure and promoted to an Associate Professor. Assoc Prof Bettiol continues to hold his position as Associate Professor of Science in the Department of Physics at NUS.

Optics and Photonics

– Ion beam modification of materials for applications in micro/nanophotonics.
– Terhertz spectroscopy and optics – Application in metamaterials.
– Active plasmonics, loss mitigation in micro-optical systems, enhancement of light emission using plasmonics.
– Mid-IR optics, passive and active devices for biosensing.
– Integrated optics for microfluidic applications.

Nuclear Microscopy and Radiobiology

– Proton induced fluorescence microscopy in biological systems – Super-resolution imaging.
– Radiation effects in single live cells – Applications in cancer treatment using particle therapy.
– Development of diamond based radiation hard particle detectors, delta-E detectors using thin membranes, radiation dosimetry.

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