A J (Jon) Berrick

Science (Mathematics)


Email: jon.berrick@yale-nus.edu.sg

Professor A J (Jon) Berrick joined the Mathematics faculty at NUS in 1981 and became Professor in 1996. He had previously held faculty positions at Oxford University and Imperial College London. Prof Berrick received his undergraduate degree (Hons I) from Sydney University and his PhD from Oxford University. He is the recipient of a number of awards including A*Star National Science Award, NUS Science Faculty Outstanding Scientist Award, and NUS Science Faculty Teaching Excellence Award, and has received numerous international invitations to participate in visiting professorships, to serve as principal speaker at conferences, and other scholarly activities.

Teaching and Residential Life

Prof Berrick’s courses have included: Graduate Algebra; Topology; Algebraic Topology; Field Theory; Algebra; Linear Algebra; Calculus. He has been involved in many student project supervisions, from secondary to postdoctoral levels. In 2002-03, he was a member of the Re-Make NUS Task Force and has been a member of the NUS Senate Delegacy for most of the last decade. He is currently a member of the University Committee for Educational Policy and served on its Graduate Education Subcommittee. He has also served on numerous committees for the Mathematics Department (whose Geometry Division he headed) and Science Faculty.

On Joining Yale-NUS College

Although I grew up in Australia, my adult life has mostly been shared between Oxford and Singapore. As a fellow of an Oxford college, I thoroughly enjoyed the intellectual vibrancy of mingling daily with scholars from a wide variety of disciplines. My (confirmed) expectation is that Yale-NUS will add cultural diversity to that mix. Having been in Singapore longer than the students, I feel I can add some local experience to the rojak of teaching talent. In over three decades at NUS, I have been fascinated to watch Singapore and the region evolve. I’m excited by the chance to participate in a venture that I believe will make a contribution to that continuing evolution.

Prof Berrick specialises in algebraic topology, low-dimensional topology, and K-theory. He has authored or co-authored three books, and edited several others. He has published around seventy peer-reviewed articles, most recently in J Amer Math Soc, Math Annalen, Amer J Math, J reine angew Math, Proc London Math Soc, Trans Amer Math Soc, and Advances in Math.

Prof Berrick also researches in tobacco control, having published in the BMJ journal Tobacco Control. He has been invited by government and other bodies to lecture in a number of countries, and was an invited speaker at the last three World Conferences on Tobacco Or Health. For this work he was recently elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.

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Coordinator of Quantitative Reasoning (2012 – 2017)
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