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Anju Mary Paul

Social Sciences (Sociology)

Assistant Professor

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Dr Paul is an international migration scholar with a research focus on migration to, from, and within Asia. She is especially interested in how gender, labour, race and ethnicity, as well as class intersect at the moment of migration and the post-migration experience.

A native of India, Dr Paul had spent a significant number of years living overseas — in Scotland, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore. Dr Paul graduated from the University of Michigan in 2012 with a joint PhD in Sociology and Public Policy. For her doctoral dissertation, Dr Paul conducted interviews in five countries — the United States, Canada, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Singapore — to explore emergent migration patterns and strategies being adopted by Filipino migrant domestic workers. While Dr Paul continues to study migrant domestic work, some of her current projects look at migration decision-making among migrant nurses and Asian-born bio-scientists.

Dr Paul regularly works with student research assistants, using her projects as a way to introduce students to fieldwork, qualitative research methods, and under-studied populations. Dr Paul’s research assistants have helped design and pilot surveys, conducted surveys in the field, cleaned and coded data, and engaged in data analysis.

Dr Paul’s research areas include: International Migration, Globalization, Gender & Labor, Race & Ethnicity, Urban Sociology


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